June 1, 2017: Birthday Month

To be honest though, this year, I haven’t felt like celebrating. I felt that over the years my birthday had become less and less of an important date. Even though I don’t have specific anxiety around getting older, I definitely had noticed that my own celebrations had become rather lackluster.

​Yet, I realized I should be celebrating everyday! Life is too for regrets and second guessing yourself (which I tend to do often). I've grown and learned so much from past relationships, heart-breaks, mistakes molded me into the woman I am today. The fact is, I’m lucky to be alive and healthy enough to enjoy the last 21 years. I am surrounded by people who will celebrate with me. Who care about me. Who see me. And who love me. And so are you.

I hope this post inspires you to celebrate your own birthday month. And to create a list of fun, heart-opening, life affirming and and overall BOMB ways to celebrate your birthday.

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