My Natural Hair Journey

Where do I start?

As a child I was tender headed and ran from the combs when it was time to get my hair done (who didn't). My mother could no longer maintain my hair so I started to get perms and everything went down hill from there. For many years I loved relaxing my hair, it was always soft and bone straight. On top of that I was flat ironing my hair EVERYDAY. Which I know now was very damaging to my hair! Around high school I noticed my hair was thinning out and the length was getting shorter. I wanted my hair to flourish but I knew if I continued to damage my hair like this, I wouldn't be able to save it. The end of my senior year of high school I realized things needed to change. That summer I decided to try sew-ins to give my hair a rest from the flat irons and perms. They came in handy when I had games and needed a quick hair style. But I had leave out and my hair was still transitioning. Picture the top of my hair frizzy and thick while my weave is bone straight (It looked a hot mess). So, I decided to try other protective hair styles; twist outs, flat twist, braids, and even wigs. During my transitioning process I used products every natural girl has in there bathroom; Shea moisture products, Eco styling gel, coconut oil, and a wide tooth comb. These products were good but my hair was too damaged. I wasn't seeing any results and lost hope. I was thinking about cutting off all the heat damage but I wanted to keep my length. So I continued to take care of my hair with protective hair styles and natural hair products. I'm not going to lie, the struggle was real but it was all worth it. I learned that constistancy is key and transitioning your hair is different for everyone so don't give up! 2016


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