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When picking out a lipstick, we usually are attracted by the eye-catching colors and fancy pakaging. However, it's very important to know the formula, consistsy, and how it would compliment your features. Personally, I enjoy wearing all kinds of lipstick and lipglosses, but my all time favorite beauty product is liquid lipsticks. I love the intensity, smooth application, and longevity that it provides. Which brings me to Colourpop, and they have it all! From my experience with purchasing and using these products, they have a vast color range and are very affordable. My favorite products from Colourpop are the Ulta Stain, Ultra Glossy, and Ultra Metallic lipsticks. ​

​Currently there's a numerous amount of colourpop shades avaible, but I own 10. They’re always releasing new shades and limited edition collections, so I assume they’ll continue to expand the range. I usually gravitate towards cool tone colours (since that’s what looks best on my skintone). I did pick up a few colours totally outside of my comfort zone, too! One thing I found true for all shades is that they look lighter in the tube than they do on your lips once they dry down.

Feel free to comment below which liquid lipstick was your fav!

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