How to Prevent Ghost face

Ladies have you ever came home from a fun night out but look through pictures and see a white cast on your face? Then you're suffering from SEVERE ghostface; a dusty white cast under your eyes, from your forehead all the way down to your chin! Your face is a completely different color than your body, the contour you worked relentlessly on has been entirely washed out, and your overall look is basically RUIEND. But have no fear! Throughout the past few months, I've curated some of my favorite anti-flash techniques that'll keep the ghostface away.

Concealer thats too light

We all want that radiant highlighted look. The look that makes us appear more awake but it's very easy to over do it and go TOO light on the concealor. Ladies you should not be using concealer 10 shades lighter to cover dark spots. This could throw off the balance of your makeup and make you look very clownish. The concealor should only be 2 shades lighter than your actual skin tone.

Avoid Foundation with SPF

SPF is amazing for daytime wear as protection from the sun. It's debatably the most important thing in a beauty routine. Even though it reflects UV sun beams during the day it also reflects the light of a camera's flash. In turn, you end up with flashback, or ghostface. Instead try to use foundation with low SPF, which I found to leave no flashback.

Avoid powders that contain silica

Don't get me wrong Silica has it's advantages, It absorbs oil and sweat so your makeup lasts longer and improves even distribution of pigments in cosmetics, preventing them from settling in makeup. However, the harsh white cast you may expericeing is caused by silica, an ingredient in many translucent powders, particularly those labelled as “HD”. The harsh, front-on, white light of a flash is already pretty notorious for causing white patches on any mildly reflective surfaces (e.g. oily patches). Because silica has so many surfaces (a bit like a mirrored disco ball), if you have enough on your face, there will always be a whole bunch of surfaces ready to pick up that flash and throw it back at the camera – hence the white flashback.


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