How I Slay My Full Lace Wig

My older sister is the one who first spiked my interest in wigs, so one day I decided to go check out the the beauty supply store. At first I was very overwhelmed with the variety of wigs but with the help of my mom and a few Youtube wig reviews I found the perfect wig. 

The wig was a blonde bob and I absolutly LOVED it. I received allot of complements on how realistic it looked so I decided to buy another wig for the school year. My obsosession for wigs has grown so much that I want to share how I style and slay them.

This is the second time I've purchased a wig from I highly recommend this company because they're affordable and also specialize in catering to new wig wearers. Plus, when purchasing a wig they'll send you a free wigkit!

This is how the wig looked when I took it out the box, a natural hairline and soft bouncy curls. Therefore, you don't HAVE do any additional plucking (but I'm extra so I did it anyway). 



First you want to use a sturdy pair of tweezers and tweeze out the part one by one until you feel  comfortable to start pulling out more at a time. I find it easier to part the hair in small sections and pluck as you go to prevent any balding on the lace. Then I used a small eyebrow razor to customize the baby hairs. To sleek and set the baby hairs I used Got2b Ultra Glued Gel and water with a small tooth brush. 

Instead of bleaching the knots on the lace I chose the foundation/powder method to customize the lace. I first turned the wig inside out on my wig-stand then I applied a small amount of foundation to the lace and a face powder to set everything in place. 

This is the final product and I absolutely LOVE it! 

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