Let's Talk About False Lashes

False eyelashes are instrumental in really making your eyes pop. From full-on falsies to individual lashes, there’s no better way to make you look more gorgeous—and more awake. You might have asked yourself, "What kind of lashes should I get?", good question! There's a variety of lashes out there for everyone. I grouped lashes into a three categories and each one has their own pros and cons.

*I'm currently loving the Ardell Wispies Lashes. These are perfect for those who like natural and full lashes.

Natural Lashes: These are my favorite type of lashes that will give you a boost in length and thickness, but aren't going to go overboard. I love wearing these for daytime outings when I want a natural look and lashes that are long and light.

Full Lashes: These lashes are obviously much thicker than the natural lashes. While these lashes may look too heavy for everyday wear, they are actually great for photos and dramatic glam looks.

Individual Lashes: Instead of getting all your lashes together in a strip, these come in different lengths and are attached individually until the lashline is full. These lashes do take longer to put on, but they look more natural where your eyelid meets your lashline.

What glue should I use? A good glue makes a huge difference. I mean, you aren't going to be very happy with your false lash experience if they keep falling off, right? My favorite glue to use is Duo eyelash adhesive.

How long do they last? Typically lash strips are faster to put on than individual lashes, they usually will last through the day and the end of the night.

Can I reuse my lashes? Yes! You can reuse them several times. Just use tweezers to pull the dried lash glue from the lashes after you remove them and store them in their original case until you want to use them again.

I usually wear false lashes for special occasions (like a photoshoot, events, or a trip). If you love them as much as I do, you can wear them whenever you want. If you've been on the fence about false lashes, I hope you feel much more confident and prepared to choose your lashes now.

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