October Goals

Goodbye September, hello October! It's a new month which means new beginnings and new opportunities. Starting this month, I will be sharing my monthly goals. Personally, I find monthly goals better than New Year Resolutions (because no one sticks to them).

I’m all about self-development and setting small goals in order to achieve larger ones. I've listed 10 short but attainable goals for me to achieve within the month of Ocotober.

Here's 10 goals to nournish the soul, mind, and body!

1.Go to bed at a reasonable time

2. Refresh your wardrobe

3. Develop a workout routine

3. Reach out to someone you love

4. Declutter your home

5. Drink more water

6. Start a journal

7. Explore new places

8. Take a "ME" day

9. Find a new book to read

10. Squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise per day

Make this month great and develop your own set of monthly goals!

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