My First Experience With Eyelash Extensions

Having long voluminous lashes is key in my everyday makeup routine. I love wearing mascara and strip eyelashes. I sometimes try to pawn it off like they’re the ones Jesus gave me knowing good and well He didn’t. But honestly sometimes they take up time in my makeup routine and can feel heavy on my eyelids. Which brings me to the topic of today: eyelash extensions.

I first became interested in eyelash extensions when my older sister had them done a couple months ago for a trip. I liked how beautiful and natural they looked and wanted to give it try.

I got my eyelash extensions done by Extrav Lash located in Hampton, Virginia.

I'm going to let you know the three services that my lash technician offers. Full Set:

This is the first apppointment for a full set of lashes and can take up to two hours to complete. My appointment lasted an hour and thirty minutes. Fill:

Just like when you fill your nails, a lash fill is a similar process. This would be an appointment you schedule a few weeks after your full set to get your lashes touched up, filled and back to normal. This appointment is usually around half the cost of a full set and doesn't take as long. Removal:

When you've had these lashes on for about a month you want to book this appointment to properly remove your lashes to prevent any damage.

Results: I'm loving my new lashes! They're full and very natural looking. Overall, I would highly recommend this service especially to those who want a little glam in their life.

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