All it takes is your first quality brush to make you realize that having the right tools is just as important as the products we use when creating your work of makeup artistry. We don't often consider the power these 'accessories' have in transforming a once-difficult task into a swift and easy flick of the wrist.

Morphe M439 Brush

My favorite foundation brush is my Morphe M439 brush. It applies product evenly, doesn’t soak up all the foundation and it blends well. I use it with a stippling motion across my face and just keep going until things look nice and blended.

Pros of Brushes

  • Absorbs less product, allowing fuller coverage (and less wasted product)

  • Longer lasting with proper care/cleaning

  • Very fast once you’ve mastered your technique

TIP #1:

Spray your brush with a little setting spray before blending out your foundation. I use MAC Fix+ for this. This helps things to blend even more seamlessly and prevents quicker drying foundations from getting streaky.

Beauty Blender
The Beauty Blender has become a really popular tool since they’re so easy to use and give you sheer to full, even coverage. It's also a multi-purpose tool and can be used for far more product applications than one kind of makeup brush. You can use it not only for foundation, but to apply concealers, highlighters, and contouring sticks which I absolutely love.

Pros of BB

  • No pulling or tugging, especially when applying products like concealer around the eye area

  • Travel friendly and does it all ( foundation, concealer, etc.) because of its shape

  • Beginner friendly. Just dab and blend!

In Conclusion..

If you prefer being able to apply powder products just as easily as liquid or cream products, makeup brushes are where it's at. The design and shapes of these brushes make it easy to use the same brush for cream blush one day and a powder highlight the next.

If you prefer needing fewer tools or something more travel friendly though, go for the beauty blender. This little sponge can basically apply all of your makeup on its own. Think of all the space you'll save when the same tool can cover foundation, concealer, and cheek color.

Of course, either way you go, your makeup application will be on point.

Which makeup tool do you prefer?

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