How To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single & Have No Plans

Having to explain that you’re single on Valentine’s Day is almost worse than actually being single on Valentine’s Day. Sure, everyone around you is coupled off, but who says you have to hide away in shame just because you aren’t dating someone? It’s basically just any other weeknight but with TONS of clearance candy at every drugstore, which is cause for celebration in and of itself. Whether you just got out of a relationship, or if you’ve just never had a serious relationship that has made it to February 14, here are some tried and true tips to having a truly enviable Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Gal'entines Day

The best way to pretend you’re not lonely is to surround yourself with other single people. Your friends know you better than anyone else, so take this time to fully appreciate everything they do for you. Go on a cute friend date or watch a movie together. Bash your exes and smash glasses! Why not? No one ever said that Valentine’s Day couldn’t use a little anarchy. I would prefer it that way.

2. Embrace self love

Since Valentine's Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself. Treat yourself and really indulge in that self love that we so often forget. Have your favorite indulgent foods or buy a nice new outfit. Get in on the bath + wine combo. Or take shots while you’re waiting for a face mask to dry. Whatever your poison, just pamper yourself.

3. Figure out what you want out of love

Even if you don't want to right now or don't believe it will ever happen, everyone, including you, can fall in love. And it usually happens when you least expect it.

So take some time to write down a few love goals. Whether you want to remain single for 10 more years or want to start dating this month, that clarity makes it that much easier to get there.

4. Send love someone else's way

Studies show that kindness spreads, so start an epidemic. Give Valentine's Day cards to those close to you, like your family, co-workers and friends.

Or even volunteer locally and help those less fortunate than you. Seeing a face light up from your small gesture will fill you with love and make the world a better place.

Spending Valentine's Day alone doesn't have to be miserable. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, get dressed up and do something nice for yourself because self-love is really the only love you can rely on.


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