Top 5 Black YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Have you ever looked on Youtube for the perfect makeup look or even beauty advice? Only to find that there were no videos that represented your skin color, which is a struggle for many woman with varying skin tones. Yes, I to have had that problem but don't worry there are hundreds of woman of color that are killing the makeup-up game on Youtube. Here are my top 5 black beauty gurus you should be watching.

1. Jacki Aina

She is by far the most loved makeup guru on Youtube! Jackie has also paved the way for blacks woman in the makeup industry by always being herself and speaking up against discrimination among the beauty community.

2. Tyme The Infamous

Tyme was the very first Youtuber I started watching when I was in high school. I fell in love with her theatrical makeup looks and creative ideas. I remember she would wear this neon pink lipstick in almost all her videos, so then I went out and bought my first MAC lipstick "Saint Germain".

3. Allisa Ashley

Allisa is my personal favorite! I love that she gives the best makeup advice and tips that have saved my life. I highly recommend watching her videos if you need that extra help with your makeup, trust me, you won't forget it.

9. Face Over Matter

I love her southern belle personality and makeup transformations. She also does spiritual videos that I find very inspirational and sets her channel apart from the rest.

4. Ashley Devonna

I recently started watching Ashley this year. I absolutely lover her makeup videos and watching her transform. I can relate to her because we both have acne scars and discoloration. I respect her for showing her flaws and making girls like me feel conformable in there skin. I also enjoy her travel vlogs, clothing hauls, and hair transformations.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Don't forget to comment your favorite Youtubers below.

xoxo, Kelsey

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