Fenty Beauty Body Lava Review: Is it Worth It??

I know this review is long over due BUT I wanted to test the product out to give you all my honest opinion.

So first I want to start off by saying this was a highly anticipated product for all the Rih Rih lovers out there. Pretty much every beauty product that she's launched has been amazing. The day that the Fenty Beauty Body Lava launched, I rushed into Sephora and headed straight to the Fenty Beauty section. My plan was to get the Body Lava in the shade "Brown Sugar" because I believed that shade would compliment my skin the best. Unfortunately, the Sephora worker informed me that the shade was not sold in stores but only online. "Who Needs Clothes" was the only Body Lava that was sold in the store. Don't get me wrong, "Who Needs Clothes" looked absolutely beautiful but I had my mind set up for "Brown Sugar".

I then rushed home and ordered "Brown Sugar" from the Sephora website because I knew if I waited any longer it was going to sell out quick. After a week of waiting, it finally arrived and I was beyond excited. I posted the Body Lava on my Instagram and snapchat (follow me! :)).

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When I first applied that Body Lava on my arm, It looked very luminous and gave me a tan, which I LOVE. I always go for products that I know that will give me a bronzy look. The smell of this is so yummy! It honestly smells like the name "Brown Sugar" with a hint of vanilla and fruity accents. I also love how it has specs of gold which I find great with deeper skin tones.


Before I purchased this product I looked up reviews and allot of people were disappointed. Allot of people claimed that the product was too sticky, it transfers on clothes, and it could've been more glittery and luminous. I wasn't going to let those reviews tarnish my perception of this product so I wanted to test it out for myself.

Let's not forget the price honey, after applying the Body Lava with my Flat Top Foundation Brush it seemed a little greasy and sticky. I wouldn't recommend anyone touching or putting on clothes right after applying because it WILL transfer. I waited 5-10 minutes before touching my skin and everything seemed okay. 2 pumps of this stuffs with cover your chest area and you're less likely to have that sticky feeling, trust me. I purchased this for $60. I would definitely say this product is overpriced and they should've sold BOTH shades in the Sephora stores.

As of now Sephora does not sell the Fenty Beauty Body Lava in stores or online any more. You can only purchased this product on the Fenty Beauty website.

Here are pictures taken with and without flash.


No Flash

Overall, this is a good product to have for the summer however it is on the pricey side. For my ladies who aren't trying to spend that coin, I would suggest finding dupes for this product. If you need any suggestions, go check out my previous blog.

What are your thoughts on this product?

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Kelsey

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