It's The First Of The Month: June Goals

Can you believe we're already starting another month? (Wow time is really flying). This month is a special one, not because it's my favorite season but I will be turning 23! There are a million things I want to do, traveling and spending time with family and friends are definitely on my list. Although, with everything going on, I want to take some time to SLOW DOWN and take better care of myself! Now let’s see how I did with my goals during the crazy month of May:

Last Months Goals

Read 1 book

Baked 2 new recipes

Focused on cooking healthier meals

Worked out 3x a week

Prepare for Las Vegas Trip

June Goals


I would like to get ahead and organize my blog post more often. I also want to be more active on ALL my social media platforms.

  • Prepare blog posts to be one month ahead of schedule

  • Draft blog post ideas a week before

  • Become more active on social media


As I'm turning 23 this month I want to write a bucket list of all the things I wish to achieve before my next birthday!

  • Write a bucket list for the year ahead

Health & Fitness

I love exercising but I haven't committed to a gym yet, which is holding me back from reaching my fitness goals. This month I want to make it my mission to finally join a gym. I would also like to try to introduce exercise to my morning routine.

  • Get a gym membership and introduce cardio exercises to my morning routine.

Money & Budgeting

Let’s be honest, setting up a budget and monitoring your spending is hard. Personally, It can be time consuming, restrictive, and something that is always on my to-do list for tomorrow. However, after my trip to Las Vegas, I definitely need to evaluate my spending habits.

  • Set savings goal

  • Prioritize my spending

  • Automate everything

Family & Friends

Lately I've been feeling very ANTI lately, I sometimes find comfort in being isolated from the rest of the world, even from the people I care about (sounds weird, I know). This past month I've learned that change is good, opening up more could help strengthen my relationship with my friends and family.

  • Break out of my shell, live life, and be FEARLESS (that was a stretch lol)

What are some goals you plan to achieve this month?

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