Color Correcting For Beginners

When it comes to creating to the perfect makeup applications, customization is key! It's important to study your skin type, face structure, undertones to really understand what type of makeup you need and don't. We've all made a few makeup mistakes here and there along the way but it's OKAY. You'r going to make mistakes along the way.

I remember going into Sephora and buying the most popular and expensive makeup (big mistake) to step up my makeup game! Who doesn't?! After applying a full face, I still felt like something was missing. I then realized I needed a color corrector.

I started off using the LA Pro Color Correcting Concealer in Orange. The orange corrector is for evening out dark circlers or discoloration to the skin. After a while I realized that orange was way too dark for my skin tone soooo I purchased peach which is a PERFECT fit for me.

Listed below are 2 super easy guides to color correcting!


Here are some drugstore color correcting concealers to start with!

LA Pro Concealer $5.00

NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette $12.00

Thank you for reading!

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