Fall Bucket List 2020

Happy Monday!

The temperature is dropping and every store I go into has pumpkin flavored everything! If you would've asked me last year to taste anything pumpkin flavored it would've been a hard NO, but after everything that has happened this year, I've gained a new outlook on life and I believe we should all celebrate every aspect of it everyday.

With that being said, I curated a list of the exiting and fun activites to do with your friends and family during the fall season!

  1. Make apple pie or peach cobbler

  2. Fall Decorations

  3. Make S'mores

  4. Light a fall scented candle

  5. Black Friday Shoppping

  6. Try a fall Starbucks drink

  7. Write a list of things your or thankful for

  8. Do a random act of kindness

  9. Go to a corn maze

  10. Make a fall cocktail


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